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Fall Evaluations for Spring 2019
In a change from previous years, NSELL will hold mandatory AAA Evaluations and Majors tryouts
on Saturday Oct 13th from 1-4 pm at Richardson Field.  
All players ages 10-12 (4th-6th grade) for the 2019 season should attend this evaluation. 
There will not be a separate AAA/Majors indoor tryout in the winter. 
The suggested times are as follows:
4th grade 1-2 pm
5th grade 2-3 pm
6th grade 3-4 pm


Who should attend?
All little league age 10-12 players who were not on a Spring 2018 majors team
(including Fall 2018 majors players who played AAA in the Spring)
Little league age 9 players who would like to be considered for AAA may attend the 4th grade session.
You can find your child's little league age for the 2019 season here
With a few exceptions, 2019 LL age 10=4th grade, 11=5th grade, 12=6th grade. 
If your child's age does not align with their grade feel free to attend either session. 
What if I can't make my child's assigned time?
If you cannot attend the suggested session, please feel free to come at another time--the registration will allow you to select a time.  Kids will be sent through the stations as they arrive, so your child will be evaluated individually, not as part of a group.
What if my child would like to try out for Majors but can't attend?
As with winter tryouts in the past, we will handle this on a case by case basis.  Please contact us at 
We believe that a fall outdoor evaluation day will give both the players and the league a better experience than the winter tryout in less than ideal indoor conditions.  It will improve the data used for the majors draft and will allow us to better balance AAA teams.
The NSELL Board

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Welcome to Newton SouthEast Little League

Newton SouthEast Little League serves players who reside within or attend private or public schools within the public school district boundaries of Memorial-Spaulding, Mason-Rice, Bowen, Angier, Countryside and Zervas.  Children who attend one of these schools but live out of district may participate in NSELL's program under Little League's 2018 rules without a waiver. 

Newton SouthEast Little League offers the following programs:


T-ball for pre-K and Kindergarten

Farm for 1st and 2nd grade

Minors (AA and AAA) for 9-11 year olds (generally 3-5th grade)

Majors for 10-12 year olds (generally 4-6th grade).


Farm for 1st and 2nd grade

Minors (AA and AAA) for 9-11 year olds (generally 3-5th grade)

Majors for 10-12 year olds (generally 4-6th grade).

If you live in the NSELL district but NSELL does not offer a program for your child during a season (3-4 year olds in the spring or pre-K/K in the fall), you are eligible for any programs offered by Newton Little League (newtonllbaseball.org)

If you have a question about which program to register for, please contact us at  .

All Spring and Fall teams will have games or practices on Sundays (usually afternoons) Other games/practice times vary and can be on any day.   Please see more information for each division below.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Newton SouthEast Little League a scholarship fund to aid families facing economic hardship. It is the policy of NSELL that no child should be denied the opportunity to play baseball due to a family's financial situation. The application process is a simple one; all that needs to be done is to send a request to our Treasurer/Player Agent. This request is confidential and does not require financial documentation.  Newton SouthEast Little League is sensitive to both family needs and privacy.  If you wish to take advantage of the scholarship, please email our Treasurer/Player Agent   .

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Upcoming Games
Field Status
Angier - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Bowen (Far) - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Bowen (Near) - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Cold Spring Park - Newton  -- 
Countryside - Newton CLOSED (9/5) 
Highlands - Newton TBD (10/15) 
Hyde - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Jay Gordon - Newton Centre OPEN (10/15) 
Memorial-Spaulding Lower - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Memorial-Spaulding Upper - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Newton Cole - Newton OPEN (10/15) 
Oak Hill (Far)-T ball 3 - Newton  -- 
Oak Hill (Left)-T ball 2 - Newton  -- 
Oak Hill (Right)T ball 1 - Newton  -- 
Old Cold Springs - Newton  -- 
Richardson - Newton OPEN (10/15)